Our date.

So many details of our date will come down to you; please don’t be shy and instead let me know what kind of fun you have in mind. I want to hear your deepest desires and the things that make you go a little bit wild. No two meetings are the same, so I can’t give you some kind of script or idea of exactly what we’ll get up to together. But I can give you a peek into what an experience with me will be like.

When you arrive at my incall, I’ll already be dressed in gorgeous lingerie. I’m not shy about showing off my body nor am I concerned with what the neighbours think—it’s all about you when I open that door and I do love making a man speechless upon arrival. Of course, if you have a preference for a more girl-next-door tight jeans and tank top ensemble; I can do that too. For outcalls, I take care to arrive in a gorgeous yet understated and discreet outfit. I definitely take requests for outcall outfits too, so if you had a different fantasy in mind all you have to do is let me know. I can change into all manner of teasing through to downright dirty outfits behind closed doors too.

The only other things that are certain to happen in every date are the showering and payment. It’s easiest to get payment out of the way as soon as you have entered, that way I can show you to my bathroom for you to enjoy a relaxing cleanse; and then as soon as you return we can just enjoy ourselves and truly let go of our inhibitions without payment still needing to be sorted out.

This is where the true magic of the date begins, and your day-to-day life, worries and woes are left far behind. A bit of passion, some mischievousness, some talking, some discovery of new desires, some indulgence in long awaited acts. . . my warmth and affection will lull you into a serene state of being. When you walk out the door of my incall later on, or when I leave your apartment; both of us are going to be leaving with that perfect ‘just fucked’ glow.

Treat yourself now xx




I’m a 5’5 woman, and although I pack a pretty mean punch if someone gets on the wrong side of me; I don’t think you can blame me for wanting to ensure my safety and security when meeting a new face for the first time. For this reason, I require all outcall bookings & occasional incall bookings to adhere to my screening standards. Generally these are very simple standards to meet—well worth it to give a girl some peace of mind wouldn’t you say?

For screening I generally accept a photo of your valid photo ID with your full name & photo clearly visible. You may block out any other information the ID contains. I also accept references from other workers & am happy to act as a reference myself.

Discretion is of the highest value to me—your information will never be shared with anyone else by me nor will our activities! Please extend the same courtesy towards me and ensure you keep my number and messages to me as private as possible (especially if you have someone who will potentially search through your phone for such things!).

Payment Methods

I accept only cash as payment for my services, excluding methods detailed below for deposits.
Full payment must be received before our booking begins, I always collect payment upon my/your arrival.
I do not defer payment until end of booking, nor are any of my rates negotiable. Please don’t do me the disrespect of attempting to do so.

As for how to offer the payment for my services—that is totally up to you. Some gentleman prefer a plain envelope to present to me upon arriving, others are just content handing me the plain cash. I have no preference and do not feel any awkwardness regarding the exchange of cash regardless.
Feel free to be creative, stick it in a lovely card or turn it into origami swans for all I care!


I do not require deposits for all dates, however please do not make an appointment if there’s a high probability of you being unable to make it on time or at all; be it due to traffic, nerves or any other reason.
After any cancellation; I will require a small deposit for any future bookings you wish to make regardless of their length.
The other times I require deposits is for dates of 3+ hours and every outcall booking.

How to pay a deposit
I accept deposits via two methods:

§  BeemIt
To pay a deposit via the BeemIt transfer app, simply select ‘pay’ to username @cailinliath and taking care to put your name and date of booking you’re making a deposit for in the ‘for’ section. I will then text you confirming I have received the transfer.

§  Prezzee e-gift card
To pay a deposit via Prezzee, simply jump onto the prezzee website, select the ‘Prezzee swap gift card’, select the amount we have agreed on for your deposit, and select ‘purchase for a friend’.
It will then ask for the recipients name (Rose Harper) and recipient’s email: rose.harper@outlook.com and under the message section please leave your name & booking date the deposit is for.
I will text you confirming I have received your deposit as soon as I receive the prezzee email.




My incall & outcall availability depends greatly on where I am located at the time you are wishing to make a booking with me. As each state has varying laws—it’s hard for me to give a hard answer.
I definitely prefer incalls when I’m in cities that allow them; I find it’s easier to relax and give you the full Rose Harper experience when I’m not having to find a new location, go through the hustle and bustle of travelling to it, and then be extra conscious of potential safety and security concerns once I arrive. Instead, at my always luxuriously appointed and highly refined incall spaces; I can draw you into my world from the very beginning of our meeting. What could be more perfect than meeting the most serene version of me?

I always have details on whether I’m providing incalls or outcalls (as well as the suburb I am based in) on my calendar.

Meeting in public

Public dates aren’t something I do with every client. To be able to meet or enjoy a date in public we generally need to have had at least one prior booking together just so I can rest assured that we are on the same wavelength.

I appreciate many kinds of public dates. Perhaps we could have dinner together, no need for fancy Michelin starred restaurants—I enjoy the atmosphere of small boutique restaurants too as well as a range of cuisines. Or if you’re an art fanatic lets catch the latest exhibit at the NGV and be captivated by beautiful works of art before a sensual return to our hotel. I also have a fierce love of theatre performances & would absolutely love to dress up for you to accompany you to a performance. All of these and plenty more are easily possible, just get in touch and let’s plan a magnificent date (ending with a bang!) together xx

Duos & Playdates

As a genuinely bisexual woman, I do adore bookings with playmates!*. Whether you want us to focus solely on you and be at the mercy of two stunning women—or perhaps you’d rather take the backseat and watch us explore each other’s bodies and create a fire of passion in front of your very fortunate eyes. . . Whatever your desire may be, I’d love to be a part of it.

Unfortunately due to touring & travelling so often, I don’t have any specific play partners to list. However if you have another lady in mind or wish me to find somebody equally as keen to please as myself—do let me know and I’ll figure out a hedonistic group indulgence for you.
*please note that duos are not possible in every state. QLD law prohibits me from offering a doubles service there. Apologies.


Gifts are never expected nor required; but if you do want to spoil me these are just a few of my favourite things. If you are wanting to bring anything along for our date, please just note that I do not drink alcohol so unfortunately wine will be wasted on me.

  • Mecca gift cards to keep my face painted

  • The Body Shop gift card to keep my skin smooth and supple.

  • Amazon e-gift card to help support my reading addiction

  • Glasshouse or Circa Home candles

  • Any lingerie you’d like to treat me to for your pleasure or mine—I’m a size 10 or 12B brassiere & 10 for bottoms

  • Donation to some charities or causes I’m passionate about such
    as the
    Fred Hollows Foundation or Children by Choice.


I expect every date to be freshly groomed and showered. If I am hosting at my incall, I will have a luxurious shower and toiletries awaiting you including mouthwash and body wash; and a lovely fluffy towel for afterwards!
Even if you have showered before the date, take another quick one just for my peace of mind and also to give me a brief moment alone to put away money & pin back my hair. I’ll always be freshly showered and smelling deliciously delectable for you for our dates—do me the same favour so that we can really enjoy every second of tasting each other’s sweetness.
If your hygiene standards are not up to scratch (e.g. strong B.O., dirty groin area, dirty/raggedy fingernails) then I will ask you to have another shower this time it will be taken out of the booking time. If hygiene issues persist, the date will be terminated.

Policies, terms & conditions can be found here