your devious distraction from mundane life

your devious distraction

from mundane life


laid bare.


As a born and bred countryside girl; my nature has a certain rawness, warmth and honesty to it. The breeziness and airiness of my disposition will leave you feeling content in my arms and company; and comfortable enough to share your own story with me. I grew up in a small rural town, but adore the city lights too. My personality straddles the two in a similar way.

The sweet and pragmatic side of me, nurtured by the simple farm life has blended with the fiery, opinionated pieces of my personality (almost certainly shaped by my years in the city) to create a distinctive woman. I am someone who has the ability to find some small relation and shared experience with you no matter your race, religion or age. I am someone who is not superficial, nor perfect. But who is authentic; untameable & cheeky. I am refined, but not so serious or pretentious that I can’t enjoy some banter and a laugh. We’ll be comfortable together, even in silence, when you might catch me gazing into your eyes.

I am 22 years of age but don’t let age deceive you, I have a richness of life experience that would generally come to one much older. I have been in the adult industry since 2014, I am not an amateur without a clue. I am an expert at enticing and delighting. Let me have my way with you and teach you a thing or two about pleasure, romance & satiating your sexual thirst.

Though I have not yet had the privilege of attending university, don’t go thinking I’m just a pretty face. I delight in reading and gaining knowledge in my own time about all areas of life. Books are my one true addiction—I have a deep love of psychological thrillers and true crime books. I like to think my genre preference is telling of how observant and curious I am of people in general. I love figuring out someone’s needs, their desires, what makes their lust spark from a small flicker into a vivid, glowing flame.

Though my face is masked on here, I know you won’t be disappointed when it is revealed in person. I have what most would term (and fitting to my name) a classic ‘English rose’ appearance. My English heritage shows in my lily-white smooth, supple skin. My rosy cheeks will often flush during orgasm. I have piercing blue eyes that I love to hypnotise your gaze with. My makeup tends towards the lighter side, remaining natural and radiant. My blonde hair only just grazes my breasts. A scattering of small, well-designed tattoos as well as my nipple piercings remind you that I’m not as wholesome as you may have believed when I was clothed. I am a succulent size 10, with perfect handful sized B-cup breasts and a luscious round ass.

I look forward to meeting; and I appreciate your trust and respect in me and will give you mine in return. Vulnerability is a wonderful thing. Be honest with me, about your feelings, your nerves, your desires . . . be your true self and I will be mine.

The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.
— Aaron Burr


Age: 22
Ethnicity: White, Australian
Language: English
Body: Size 10, 12DD brassiere, 5’5 with AU 9 feet
Tattoos: Five minor artistic, monochrome pieces
Religion: Non-believer, but respectful of all